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The German TeamViewer invests in Ioannina

The TeamViewer Research and Technology Centre in Ioannina will host startups and talents from around the world, will enhance the engineering capabilities of the company while it is expected to offer career opportunities to many graduates of  University of Ioannina.


The German Team Viewer, with four research and development centres in Germany and one in Armenia, chose Ioannina to establish a sixth centre. The TeamViewer Research and Technology Centre in Ioannina will host startups and talents from around the world and enhance the capabilities of the company in engineering.

These teams will play a key role in promoting higher innovation across the organisation's portfolio. The new centre reinforces the goal of TeamViewer for further promotion of innovation to develop new services and products that serve different customer catagories, while expanding geographically to most places in the world.

The company, which has already hired 17 high-tech trained employees, aims to recruit a total of 100 employees in 2020, while medium term plans are for the research and innovation centre to hire a total of 200 employees over the next two years.

Philipp Deutscher, Director IT & Software Development and responsible for the Hub in Ioannina explained the company’s objective: "TeamViewer has a long-term plan for the Ioannina centre. Ioannina is the source of our engineering graduates and the goal is to attract talents from Ioannina, Athens and Thessaloniki. This is because we see a great opportunity to strengthen our innovation efforts and apply our solutions in many more areas".

Ioannina is the forerunner of technological investment in Greece

The investment of Team Viewer follows that of P&I, ​​which came to the town in 2017 and employs 77 people with the aim of reaching a capacity of 150 employees by 2021.

According to the press conference, during 2020, Ioannina will be the base for at least one more German technology company.

Ioannina, however, is not the only region of Western Greece which will host foreign technology companies as similar investments are being prepared for Preveza.

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