1. Preamble

The use of the Website, including web crawling, its caching services and any other services provided by the Website, implies the unconditional acceptance of the terms of use described herein and constitutes a practical acceptance of them. By accessing or using the Website, you agree to be bound by these Terms, as well as by the terms of the Security and Data Policy. Users are kindly requested to check these terms periodically for any changes, as the continuous use of the Website implies that they accept all possible modifications of these terms.

2. Definitions

The Website is defined as www.knowledgebridges.gr, i.e. the digital site “About Bridges”.

The National Documentation and Electronic Content Centre is hereinafter referred to as EKT.

Content is defined as all data, software, databases, metadata, as well as any other work of the spirit that may be the subject of intellectual property rights according to L. 2121/1993, as in force, regardless of whether the term of protection has expired or the use falls under the exceptions of the copyright of this Website.

Use is defined as the use of the features of the Website in any way.

A user is defined as a visitor to the Website.

Simple users are defined as users who have access, among other things, to simple and complex searches for opportunities, e.g. policies for staying in Greece or funding programme opportunities, as well as navigation based on content about bridges.

Registered users are defined as users who, after completing the registration form and providing explicit consent, have access to the services and processed information provided by the Website. Registered users have access to processed information and updates, webinars, specialized guidance services, development of new partnerships and networking.

Mentors are defined as the registered users who are additionally able to carry out the mentoring service provided by the Website.

Personal Data is defined as any information relating to the data subject. Sensitive data is a sub-category of personal data and includes data concerning racial origin, political opinions, religious/philosophical beliefs, health, social welfare, etc. Statistical aggregated data, from which the data subjects can no longer be identified (as provided for in the current legislation), are not considered personal data.


3. User Registration

If you wish to register on the Website, you expressly and unconditionally agree -among other things-:

Α. Provide true, accurate, valid and complete information about the data requested,

Β. That you have read and unconditionally agree and accept the Terms of Use, as well as the Security and Privacy Policy.

4. Legal Use

The use of the Website must be used exclusively and only for lawful purposes, in accordance with the terms hereof and in a manner that does not restrict or prevent their use by third parties. Any user of the Website must not perform any acts or omissions that may cause the malfunction of the Website and negatively affect or endanger the provision of services to users.

5. Intellectual Property and Licenses

The content of the Website over which EKT holds the necessary copyright or licences, unless expressly stated otherwise – in particular where it is content over which third party rights exist – is made available through the Website to users in accordance with the individual licences specified. The ECB owns these rights (Copyright 2021 EKT. All rights reserved).

Some of the computer programs used for the development and operation of the Website are Free Software/Open Source Software (FOSS) programs and may be made available under licenses that comply with the Free Software Foundation and the Open Source Initiative’s definitions of open and free licenses.

The content of the Website can be made available either through a graphical interface that allows the end user to view, edit and upload the content, or through Web services and Open APIs, to which other information systems have access in accordance with these terms of use and can upload data or metadata with the permissions specified by the individual defined relevant notices. . Any other work protected by intellectual property law and made available under licenses other than the above is expressly and specifically identified as such.

Before any use, the type of license selected must be verified by the copyright holder.

The ECB makes every effort to ensure that all content on this Website is clear, correct, complete, up-to-date, adequate and available, but does not guarantee that all these qualities of content will remain unchanged. The ECT is not committed to the timely updating and correction of the content of the Website.

6. Personal Data Policy

EKT may collect and process personal data of users in order to be able to offer the services of its website to registered users, but also for the purposes of improving and adapting them to their needs, as well as for the purposes of conducting surveys by the initiative and/or the Institution. The Personal Data Policy is clearly reflected in the provisions of the Security and Data Policy.

In any case, any processing of personal data is in accordance with the law, and is carried out for specified purposes and requires the consent of the person or for other legitimate purposes provided for by law. The processing of personal data of registered users, as already mentioned, will be carried out solely for the provision of the Services and/or for the purposes of improving and adapting them to their needs, as well as for the purpose of conducting surveys by the initiative and/or EKT. Personal data will be kept exclusively for the period of time deemed necessary for the above purposes.

The ECB may use the personal data for informational purposes or to send e-mails or newsletters to the registered user in accordance with the provisions of the Security and Data Policy and in accordance with applicable legislation.

The ECB does not transfer or disclose personal data of users/visitors of the Website to third parties, unless otherwise required by law or a contractual obligation or unless this is necessary for the proper functioning of the Website and the performance of its functions.The ECB may process part or all of the data sent by users for statistical purposes and to improve its information services. The user may contact the Website management team by sending a request to the following address info@knowledgebridges.gr in order to check the existence of his/her personal file, to correct it, change or delete it. The user may update his/her personal data if necessary. All data falling within the category of personal data received by EKT through the Website, which are either sent by users on a case-by-case basis or collected during the navigation – browsing and use of the Website by users, are collected in accordance with the applicable legislation.


7. Fair Use Terms Policy

In its efforts to promote transparency, openness, digitisation and to defend the interests of the user, EKT undertakes to use fair terms. These terms may be revised and updated at any time and without notice by the Entity. Users are kindly requested to check these terms periodically for any changes, as the continuous use of the Website implies that they accept all possible modifications of these terms.

8. Disclaimer of liability

EKT provides the content (e.g. information, names, names, photographs, illustrations, data, etc.) and services made available through the Website “AS IS”. In no event shall EKT be liable for any legal, civil or criminal claims or for any damages (positive, special or consequential) suffered by the user of this Website.

The Website may contain references (links) to third party websites for the sole purpose of informing the user. The reference to links belonging to third party websites does not constitute an endorsement of their views and actions or acceptance of the content they express, publish or post. The third parties – operators of the websites responsible by law – are solely responsible for the content of their websites or for any damage that may arise from their use, when the user of the Website accesses them. The user accepts that by visiting third party websites, he/she leaves the Website and is subject to their terms of use.

EKT shall take protective measures to prevent the loss, misuse, or alteration of user data under its control. However, because no protection system, transmission system or data transfer system over the Internet can provide 100% security, and although the ECB does everything possible to protect the data relating to the use of this Website, the ECB does not guarantee the security of its servers or the security of the infrastructure through which data are transmitted from the data subject’s computer to the servers of the institution, or the security of any information given by the data subject to the institution.

It is not allowed to create framing around the contents of this Website and/or mirroring of this Website without the prior written permission of the Entity. You may link to the content of this Website but not reproduce its content and provided that you do not frame the content of this Website and that you do not associate the content of this Website with any product or service by creating a link. In addition, it is assumed that the Website to which the link you have created to the content of this Website refers does not contain elements that constitute an infringement of intellectual property, including but not limited to copyright, trademarks or patents, nor does it contain elements that constitute illegal, harmful or offensive content. The ECB reserves the right to require you to remove any link to this Website.

EKT shall not be liable, under any circumstances, for any form of damage suffered by the user of the websites, services, options and contents of the Website. Also, it does not guarantee that any related website, webpage or the servers through which any relevant service is made available to the user/visitor does not contain “viruses” or other malicious software, nor does it guarantee the correctness, completeness or availability of the contents, web pages, services, options or the results of their use. EKT may make changes to the format and/or the content and/or the features of this Website at any time it deems appropriate, without prior notice, except by making a note of such actions on the Website. The user will be deemed to have accepted such changes if he/she uses this Website after any modifications or revisions to its content. EKT may limit the availability of this Website temporarily or permanently (for any reason, such as due to technical support, maintenance, content upgrades) and does not guarantee that this Website will be available to the user at any time.

9. Jurisdiction, validity and amendments

The terms and conditions of use of this Website as well as any modification or change thereof are governed and supplemented by Greek and Community law, and the relevant international treaties. The Greek Courts are designated as the courts for the resolution of any disputes arising hereunder.

Any provision of the above terms found to be contrary to the above legal framework or rendered invalid, shall automatically cease to be valid and shall be removed from the present, without in any way affecting the validity of the other terms.

The terms and conditions of use of this Website constitute the overall agreement between the Entity and the user/visitor of its websites and services and binds only them. No modification of these terms of use shall be considered and shall not form part of this agreement unless expressed in writing and incorporated into these terms of use. Unless otherwise specified, the above terms of use shall enter into force in their entirety with immediate effect by means of a notice on the ECB’s Website.

EKT unilaterally reserves the right to modify, add, change the content or services of the Website, as well as the terms of use of the Website, at any time it deems necessary, subject to prior notice to the registered members who have authorised EKT to contact them for this purpose. Otherwise, the communication is made by means of an announcement on the Website of the Entity and in accordance with the applicable legislation.