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Life sciences hold the first place in the field of Greek start-up entrepreneurship.


Life sciences top among the sectors of the Greek innovation ecosystem according to Elevate Greece data.

In first place is life sciences with 14.1%, followed by tourism with 9.1%, environment with 9.1%, agro-technology with 7.1%, advertising 7%, big data (6%), financial technology (5%), followed by manufacturing (4.3%) and e-commerce (4%).

“A first safe conclusion is that life sciences dominate the Greek innovation ecosystem. And this is something we want to support. We knew it, we all suspected it, but it’s something now that we have official data,” said Deputy Minister of Development and Investment Christos Dimas.

The aggregated data show that in the 13 administrative regions of the country, start-up entrepreneurship is distributed as follows:
– 2 out of 3 start-ups are located in the Region of Attica.
– The Region of Central Macedonia follows with 14.7%.
– Crete with 6.5%.
– Western Greece with 4.2% while the Region of Western Macedonia shows 0%.

Finally, the Deputy Minister stressed that in many cases there is a need for academic institutions in the regions where innovation support is sought, and in some cases there are also better conditions.

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