Success Tools

The Initiative provides its community with all the means and tools for networking and creating new collaborations with Greeks no matter where they live and work.

Useful information

Regularly updated and enriched with useful links and practical information for Greeks abroad.

Seminars and webinars

Find the next webinar on the topics you are interested in.

Funding Opportunities and Incentives

Find here competitive European Union (EU) Programmes, funded by the EU Budget in order to contribute to the implementation of one of its policies, Co-financed Programmes implemented in Greece, as well as national programmes, funded by the Public Investments Programme.

Scholarships in Greece

Find here information on all scholarship funding opportunities in Greece, public or private, whether they relate to scholarships for all levels of study.


Find here original surveys focus on the employment, place of activity and needs of the specialized human resources of Greece.


The digital platform of the “Knowledge and Partnership Bridges” Initiative supports the creation of new partnerships through an interface designed to connect common areas of co-operation between stakeholders from around the world.

Guidance (Mentoring)

Specialized guidance is a service supported by the “Knowledge and Partnership Bridges” Initiative. Continually upgrading our network and services, and expanding our network of mentors we will be providing appropriate support for a successful service.
Start a journey of success and create new bridges