The Initiative

The Knowledge and Partnership Bridges Initiative was launched in August 2017. The aim of the Initiative is to create networks for Greeks around the world regardless of their place of residence and profession. The strengthening of the ties of cooperation among Greeks will ultimately contribute to the development of the country.

The Initiative seeks to highlight the knowledge and know-how of Greeks working abroad, and how can that infuse the Greek ecosystem, not necessarily or exclusively aiming for the repatriation of Greeks abroad. The Initiative’s priorities are also based on the great importance of digital media as ‘mediators’ of networking and the realization that, at this stage, returning to the country is not a core priority for all Greeks abroad.

This is the Knowledge and Partership Bridges’ distinction among similar national and international initiatives.

How do we achieve our goal?

The upgraded digital platform of the Initiative is the central tool and networking mechanism for achieving the goals of the Initiative.

Through the platform, targeted connecting services and participation in web conferences and webinars are recommended to members of the network, to both individuals and companies. Also, processed information on financial instruments and scholarships is provided, as well as specialized guidance on issues of interest to members of the community.

In particular actions, events and targeted services are offered covering the following areas:

Networking enhancement

Supporting the networking of Greek scientists, professionals and entrepreneurs inside and outside the country aids the objectives of the Initiative such as creative interaction, exchange of knowledge and good practices and the achievement of collaborations with mutual benefit for the stakeholders and Greece.

Promotion of Greeks inside and outside the country

Promoting Greeks who live and work inside and outside the country helps in order to redefine the image of the country and highlight its potential. This can serve as a source of inspiration for Greeks wherever they are and inspire new collaborations.

Human resources mapping

The aim is to map Greece’s specialized human resources abroad so as to understand the reasons behind their mobility, an understanding that will help determine the specific characteristics of this population, the quantitative and qualitative documentation of the phenomenon of human capital outflow. We aspire that this type of data will contribute to the formulation of the respective public policies.

To this end, the Initiative takes advantage of the infrastructure, research methodology and taxonomic schemes followed by EKT in the implementation of its primary surveys (as a National Statistical Authority on RTD issues).

Provision of specialized information

The aim is to provide specialized and up-to-date information on national and/or European funding programs and incentives for business activities, scholarships and training opportunities, important news about the Greek economy and society, as well as information on critical Greek issues abroad. The objective is to support business and research activity in the country and the development of its human resources.

Implementing Bodies

The Ministry of Development and Investment focuses on the strategic and operational planning, programming and implementation of the country’s development policy with the aim of promoting competitiveness, productivity, entrepreneurship, extroversion and economic innovation, as well as strengthening economic, social and regional cohesion.


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The role of EKT in the implementation of the Initiative and the achievement of the objectives set is crucial, as it provides all the scientific background, tools, know-how and research data that is required. In its institutional role, EKT assists in the mapping, monitoring and exploitation of the specialized domestic human resources. With its experience in national actions related to specialized human resources, in matters of documentation, technological development, innovation, academic interconnection, study and feedback of texts, EKT sets guidelines for further improvement and expansion of the initiative “Knowledge and Partnership Bridges” and, through the services that meet the above objectives, implement an immediate and long-term socially beneficial action, serving exclusively public interest purposes.


EKT is a public body overseen by the Ministry of Digital Governance. It provides broad information on research and innovation, supports participation in national and European programs, promotes public and private sector research, provides data on the development of innovative entrepreneurship, and generates statistics and indicators for research, development and innovation in Greece.


The electronic infrastructure operated and developed by EKT serves national roles, provides advanced electronic services in the world of research and innovation, enhances open access to knowledge and ensures access for users at all times.


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