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Bodossaki Foundation Scientific Awards 2021 for distinguished young scientists


For the 12th year, the Bodossaki Foundation announces the Scientific Awards that will be presented in 2021 to young Greek scientists up to 40 years old.

The Bodossaki Foundation invites young Greek scientists up to 40 years old to apply for the 2021 Science Awards. The institution, which has been established since 1993, recognizes the creative work of young Greek scientists, rewards their consistent and continuous effort for the promotion of science, honors their moral consistency and contributes to the creation of correct role models for Greek society. The Knowledge and Cooperation Bridges Initiative supports such projects as they highlight Greeks wherever they are in the world.

The Science Awards include 4 awards in the following areas: (1 ) Basic Sciences: ( 1) Basic Sciences: (2) Basic Sciences (2) Biomedical Sciences (3 ) Applied Sciences/Technology: Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources, Environmental and Natural Resource Management, Low Carbon Technologies, Energy Efficiency and Conservation (4) Social Sciences: Economic Science, Political Science, Legal Science.

Each prize comes with a cash prize of €20,000.

The selection criteria are the candidates’ contribution to their scientific field, the international recognition of their work and the general characteristics of their personality, based on the information submitted.

Deadline for Applications: 30 September 2020

See here the notice and submit your application.

More about the Science Awards:

Since 1993, a total of 51 scientists have been honoured with the Bodossaki Foundation Science Awards.

According to the President of the Board of Directors of the Bodossaki Foundation, Dimitris Vlastos, “With the institution of the Science Awards, our Foundation strives to support excellence and meritocracy. The Foundation’s aim is to promote internationally renowned Greek scientists under 40 years of age who can serve as healthy role models for younger generations. We believe that the recognition of excellence is a necessary move to convey the optimistic message that Greece has the people to build its future.”

See the winners of previous years.

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