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Greek engineer sets out to become the first Greek astronaut

The 28 year old Augustos Pantazidis is one of the first six potential astronauts of the Career Astronaut Competition being organised by the private space organisation AdvancingX.



While for most  Greeks, space travel seems a distant dream, for the last year a Greek student in Mineral Resources Engineering, Augustos Pantazidis, one of the six candidates of the Career Astronaut Competition  being organised by the private space organisation AdvancingX, has been set out to make this dream come true in 2023.

The programme consists of 15 Challenges and successful applicants will be invited to work the next four years, in order to travel in sub-orbital flight in 2023. The main objective of the company is to create crews to staff private spaceflight companies in the forthcoming years.

The achievements and the occupation of Augustos with manned space are not solely restricted to this selection process . He has already taken part as Vice Commander in a simulation mission on Moon 'Endymion', at the installation of 'LunAres Research Station' in Poland. During the mission, he was in charge of off-board activities (EVA) and had the honour of  leading EVA in the most critical and final part of the training. He was also responsible for the biological experiments laboratory which was first to construct a closed culture system which was able to cultivate plants using rocks chemically equivalent to the surface of Mars and meteorites as substrata.


In 2019, he was part of the CYCLAMINA group participating in the Swiss Space Centre project 'IGLUNA a habitat in ice' in the Clein Matterhorn glacier in the Alps. He was the first Greek to participate in the Summer School organised by the University of Bauman Moscow 'Space Development Theory and Practice', where he helped in the complete design of a future mission to Mars' satellite Phobos as the head of the design of farming systems and life support systems.

To successfully get into space in 2023, Augustos will have to acquire the necessary qualifications and skills (scuba diving, sky diving, VR simulations, pilot licence) that will help him to face the challenges to be set by AdvancingX.

For these reasons as well as to cover the flights to and from America where he will be present for the trials, a crowd funding campaign through the GIVE and Fund Platform was recently launched. Anyone who wishes to support him can do so through this campaign. The "Knowledge and Partnership Bridges" initiative will definitely assist to his dream of becoming the first Greek Astronaut!

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