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Set up your own ‘Knowledge bridges’ in three minutes-Benefit directly from Collaboration
Through registration on the platform and the creation of a digital open community, ‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’ provides the opportunity for direct networking and potential partnerships, between Greek scientists, professionals, entrepreneurs and senior employees from a range of organisations. The partnerships which can be developed can take a number of forms:
- The creation of first-level networks between people with similar activities for launching conferences, events, group activities, proposals etc which promote ties of international understanding and help the development of scientific activity, professional activities and entrepreneurship.
- The search for partners to participate in European mobility or co-operation programmes and European research projects or investment, as well as opportunities to take part in transnational scientific, professional and business networks. Greek scientists/professionals/entrepreneurs, wherever in the world they may be, can each invite others to participate in such a network in the country they are living. Through the network they can find new, valuable, information and opportunities for their activity while offering their own experience and expertise.
 -Mentoring/counselling/guidance from specialised personnel working abroad for domestic businesses or individual professionals who want to develop start-up businesses, giving their existing activities outward- orientation or shape them along international standards.
-Counselling from Greeks within the country for Greeks abroad who want to import into Greece an international service/product and promote/sell those products.
-Partnerships between research centres/universities, academic institutions around the world with expertise in specific research subjects and exchange of professional visits
-Finding businesses abroad which are interested in funding an innovative idea in Greece
You can contribute to shaping a Greece of research and science in wherever you may be and begin to benefit directly from your own Bridges.