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The initiative

No matter where in the world you live, you can still actively participate in shaping a Greece of Knowledge and Partnership.

The issue of the mass outflows of graduates, the imbalance of supply and demand of professionals, the so-called ‘Brain Drain’ of highly skilled Greek personnel, is a key characteristic of the new diaspora and as such, authorities, organisations and, most of all, the people affected themselves, try to address.

Many initiatives, both official and non-official, have focused on the ‘return of graduates’ as a means of tackling ‘brain drain’. However, none have focused on a key aspect of the debate, which is the interconnection and functional networking between Greeks, whether they have migrated or remained in Greece. Enabling a ‘virtual return’ of Greeks from abroad, through connections between them and Greeks who remain in the country might be an appropriate answer for this problem.

The ‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’ initiative was created with this particular logic in mind. Based on a plan by the General Secretariat for Strategy and Private Investment, Ministry of Economy and Development, and being implemented by the National Documentation Centre, the initiative is directed towards redressing the issue of the new diaspora of Greeks. A means of achieving this is to highlight the advantages that can derive from the networking of Greeks around the world which will have as a consequence the shaping of the country’s future in a tangible way with mutual support on a scientific, professional and business level.