Specialized Guidance

You want to expand your business, the direction of your business, your career and are you looking for targeted guidance?

Specialized mentoring is a service offered through our platform. We continuously seek to upgrade this service, expanding the network of mentors, incorporating new areas of guidance, while providing the operating framework and the appropriate tools for the effective use of the service.

What is it about?

The service provides prompt specialized guidance from mentors on issues that cover important business areas, research activity in the first and basic stage, as well as the development of personal skills.

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Who are the mentors?

Mentors are specialized personnel and experts who have registered in the Initiative’s mentor list and have the appropriate knowledge based on their professional experience or scientific training. When requested by members of the Initiative (first stage), mentors offer non-for-profit guidance on business plan implementation and personal development.

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Who is it for?

It ranges from business activities to personal aspirations and skills development, with emphasis on the fields of research and innovation, digital transformation and digital skills, strengthening networking and extroversion, and supporting the implementation of business plans.

How does it work?

If the topic you need guidance on falls within the reach of our mentor network, fill out the ‘Seek guidance’ form, describe briefly and clearly your request and get into direct contact with someone in our network.

Follow the steps below to make use of the service

Step 1

Submit the specified form after filling in the topic of interest with a brief summary of you need.

Step 2

Accept the request for communication that you receive in your email/profile.

Step 3

Communicate through the platform.

Step 4

Repeat the procedure as many times as you want, using the categories/guidance topics offered.

Seek Guidance

Get to know mentors and mentoring topics

Guidance from the mentors

If the mentor can guide you, they will reach you directly with our support.

Network guidance

Alternatively, to get guidance you can reach out to our expanded member network through the digital platform support groups for networking and knowledge sharing.

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