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"Brain Drain" Phenomenon in Greece: Young Greek scientists on their Way to Immigration, in an era of “crisis”. Attitudes, Opinions and Beliefs towards the Prospect of Migration


The phenomenon of “brain drain” usually involves the flows of graduates from the less developed countries to more developed ones. The phenomenon of “brain drain” is interpreted in the case of Greece, which is a μdeveloped country, as a result of the low demand for scientific personnel in the Greek labor market. A new immigrating wave of Greek people who leave abroad has become enormous in the last three years. This time it is not about unskilled workers, who seek for their fortunes, but about new graduates, who are qualified μand have acquired the knowledge that allow them to work in more developed countries. It is about a μphenomenon that had begun before the elation of economic crisis and everything points to the fact that it μwill culminate during the next period of time. Finally, skilled international migration undermines the μdevelopment, which is impossible to be accomplished without knowledge.

Dimitris Theodoropoulos, Argyris Kyridis, Christos Zagkos & Zoe Konstantinidou
Journal of Education and Human Development
December, 2014