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The Migration of Greek Physicians to Germany: Motivations, Factors and the Role of National Health Sectors


Even before the outbreak of the Eurozone crisis, a migration trend of Greek physicians into the German health system was well underway. With particular focus on Greek physicians who are practicing medical specialization training, this article investigates the subjective motivations for their decision to emigrate with the help of six semi-structured qualitative interviews. This article also intends to explain this migration case by considering the role played by the political framework according to an institutional approach, based on the approach of Robyn Iredale and the research findings of Kirsten Hoesch. This is mainly achieved by comparing the German and Greek health sectors, focusing on the key actors in control of the structure's development. Finally, this article aims to demonstrate that the subjective motivations of the interviewees are related to employment considerations and conditions in Greece and Germany, as consequences pertaining to the structures of both health systems and the relevant political framework - the main actors of the health sectors, the state in Greece, as well as the physicians' associations in Germany.

Andreas Gkolfinopoulos
December, 2016