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Investing in leaving: The Greek case of international migration of professionals


In the last twenty years, the ‘international migration of professionals’ from Greece has increased. This paper is based on an extensive survey of Greek professionals who work or have worked in another country. It is the first ever research on the topic in mGreece and the first one in the international literature to include participants who are currently abroad or have repatriated. The aim of the paper is threefold. First, it presents the main characteristics of this phenomenon. Second, to explain why Greece, alongside other peripheral countries, suffers from migration of its professionals: in contrast to a dominant view insisting on an allegedly abundant supply of highly skilled labour, it is argued that the phenomenon is primarily due to their low demand in the Greek labour market. Third, to argue that such migration can have positive implications for a country, not only when these
people return but also when they stay abroad.

Labrianidis Lois
October, 2013
Lois Labrianidis , Mobilities (2013): Investing in Leaving: The Greek Case of International Migration of Professionals, Mobilities,