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Team "Bridges"


Meet us, the people who care for the day-to-day implementation of the initiative. Our team, based  at the National Documentation Centre, is the junction for the networking of Greeks around the world. We are a multidisciplinary team that, despite our average young  age ,  has experience in communication, new technologies, research, economic development and much more; both in Greece and abroad!

Dimitris Maragkos

Initiative Coordinator


Dimitris Maragkos holds a BA in Communication, Media and Culture from Panteion University of Athens and a Msc in International and European Studies from the University of Piraeus. For the last 11 years he has been working as a communications specialist in Organisationswhich Co-ordinate European and National programmes for Education, Training and Research. Since May 2015 he has been an Independent EU expert speaker in the Team Europe Network, co-ordinated by the Representation of the European Commission in Greece. Within this network he encourages dialogue between European institutions, young people and civil society. Currently he co-ordinates the "Knowledge and Partnership Bridges" Initiative at the National Documentation Centre.


According to Dimitris,’We all need “bridges” in order to broaden our horizons and expand our network!’

Konstantina Neofotistou

Services management and network development


Konstantina holds a BA in International and European Studies from Panteion University of Athens and a MSc in Marketing and Communication from Athens University of Economics and Business. She has many years of work experience in corporate communication and project management (European and national programmes) specialising  in knowledge intensive sectors, entrepreneurship and innovation. She has also organised numerous events aimed at  boosting youth entrepreneurship and promoting open innovation. From February 2019, she has supported the development and promotion of the ‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’ initiative’s services at the National Documentation Centre.


Konstantina believes that co-operation is a key element for growth, development and success. Through the “Knowledge and partnership bridges” initiative, Greeks from all over the world are able to co-operate, exchange and transfer good practices to the country.’

Athanasia Megremi, PhD

Research Methodologist

Nancy (Athanasia) has been working in research almost all of her life, holding a PhD in Humanities and steadily conducting interdisciplinary research. She started working for the Initiative on the basis of her broad methodological background and the variety of her collaborations. She is active on issues related to the evolution of young scientists and the conditions of conducting research in Greek reality. Within the "Knowledge and Cooperation Bridges" Initiative she is working on the mapping of the ecosystem for the initiative, on the networking of Greek Expats and on proposing actions for the Initiative that arise within this framework.

Nancy thinks that healthy co-operation is the foundation for every advancement whether it be our career or our intellectual and personal life, and a safe way towards achieving our goals, since "if you want to go far, go together".’

Ioanna Vlachou

Legal Support

Ioanna Vlachou is a graduate from the Law School of Athens and the Master’s European Law Programme of the University of Leiden and she has been a researcher at the Athens' Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence. Since 2013, she has been practising law, handling cases of various disciplines successfully, while in the past she had  the chance to work for the European Commission, acquiring valuable experience in the ‘backstage’ of EU law, policy making and implementation. She is a member of the national pool of Trainers for Erasmus+/Youth. She has participated in European Youth Conferences as a youth representative of Greece

Through “Bridges” Ioanna wishes to make good use of her knowledge, competences and experiences gained in Greece and abroad and contribute to the development of Greece and of its young people ’transforming nuances of the brain drain to a genuine chance of enrichment and constructive interaction'.

Polina Gioltzoglou

Administrative Support

Polina studied International Relations at the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki and Cultural Studies at Sabanci University in Turkey, where she has lived for much of her life. She has concentrated on the notion of the home as a space wherein cultural identities are produced through orality and memory. She is a member of the Border Crossings Network, an academic network focusing on anthropology and ethnography in the Balkans, and the Human Economy Programme, the University of Pretoria which focuses on economic anthropology. In the past, she worked at the Tomato Industry Museum, Santorini (in research) and now provides the Initiative with administrative support.

‘For Polina, People networks are of great value and can bring beneficial results for both the individuals themselves and for society.’