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"Knowledge & Partnership Bridges" initiative at the ReBrain Greece conference

An action plan for intelligent policies to halt the brain drain and promote the digital transformation of the labour market  will be presented at the conference organised by the inter-ministerial group "ReBrain Greece".



The "Knowledge and Partnership Bridges" initiative, implemented by the National Documentation Center (EKT), will participate in the conference "ReBrain Greece: The Technological Transformation of the Labour Market" to be held on Monday, December 9th.

In the conference will be presented the national intelligent policy action plan to halt the brain drain of highly specialised human resources abroad, which has been drawn up by an inter-ministerial group "Rebrain Greece". Morever the discussion will also focus on the need of the labour market to move into the digital era. 

The action plan will include programmes for specific target groups, which were designed based on the analysis of the Labour Market Diagnosis System, the National Institute of Labour and Human Resources and using research data and research process tools from Greece and abroad. The co-ordinator of "Knowledge and Partnership Bridges" initiative, Dimitris Maragkos will present the activity and goals of the initiative and its collaboration with the "ReBrain Greece" group. 

The "Rebrain Greece" group, established in April 2019 as an initiative of members of the Directorate General for Industrial Relations, Health and Safety at Work and Integration at Work of Ministry's of Labor and Social Affairs, aims to address the departure of highly skilled and educated human resources to other countries. It has rapidly evolved into an inter-ministerial and multidisciplinary team of experts on various aspects of the brain drain phenomenon from specialised ministries, research centers, the "Knowledge and Partnership Bridges" and other partners.

The main task of the "Knowledge and Partnership Bridges" initiative, created in 2017 and implemented by the Ministry of Development and Investments in co-operation with EKT, is the networking and strengthening of collaboration between Greeks all over the world and re-connecting them with the country in an effort to create beneficial partnerships for themselves while contributing to the productive reconstruction of the country.

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