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Knowledge and Partnership Bridges Reward Networking Worldwide

With the motto ‘Build your own Bridges worldwide’, the prizes will serve as a networking mechanism for the collaboration and promotion of highly skilled personnel worldwide.


The ‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’ initiative announces a new action rewarding networking between Greeks abroad and Greek research and business communities.
To develop long term mutually beneficial partnerships, the award scheme aims to promote successful research networking and business partnerships, in crucial areas for the development of Greek society and the economy.
The scheme is being supported by the National Documentation Centre, which, as the implementing body for the ‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’ initiative, is responsible for the operational support of the scheme. The general Secretariat for Strategic and Private Investment, Ministry of Economy and Development has secured the necessary funding for the prizes.
The initiative expects to launch two award categories at the beginning of 2019:
A. ‘Business Partnerships Bridges’ Award. This will be for investment projects supporting the networking of scientists whether in Greece or abroad. Collaborative initiatives will include scientists and entrepreneurs who are Greek or of Greek origin but live abroad who are for the production services and of specific products in Greece. There will be 15 prizes of 50,000 euros annually.
B. ‘Networking BridgesAward. This prize will be awarded for the collaboration of Greek scientists and researchers living and working abroad with thoise living and working in Greece. These partnerships are expected to promote new networking, which will bring significant benefits for both Greek scientists, wherever they are, and Greek society in general. These benefits may be the enriching of public debate on major societal problems, participation of scientists at home and abroad in joint European programmes, combatting the exodus abroad of highly skilled personnel, and the general economic growth of the country. 15 prizes of 20,000 euros will be awarded annually.
On the initiative’s site, there will be a special section with the criteria for evaluating proposals, a description of how network selection will be made, the prizes, procedure, results and the members of the networks.
Stay tuned!

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