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Networking and Innovative Entrepreneurship Event at the GRBossible 2018

Young entrepreneurs and executives will present their experiences with and of the initiative ‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’ and the network Enterprise Europe Network-Hellas, in an open dialogue with the public.


The National Documentation Centre (EKT) is organising the ‘Networking and Entrepreneurship’ event as part of the GRBossible 2018 festival (1-2 December 2018). It will focus on the initiative Knowledge and Partnership Bridges and the network Enterprise Europe Network-Hellas, both of which are coordinated by EKT. The event will be held at 12.30pm on Saturday 1st of December 2018 in the ‘’Silk Room A”, 12:30 p.m. Athenais Cultural Centre.

What are the challenges a business operating internationally faces? What is required for business growth outside Greece? What are the networking requirements and how does international networking come about? How crucial is the role of European and national funding for the development of a start-up? What does a business expect from a support organisation such as the National Documentation Centre and how does it evaluate it? 

These questions will be answered through the presentations of six entrepreneurs and business executives who have collaborated with EKT, while the experiences of innovative businesses operating internationally will be highlighted. Speakers will include Spiros Arsenis, NBG Business Seeds programme co-ordinator, National Bank of Greece, Alexandros Seimandis, Founder of B2B Wave, Konstantinos Papaxaralampous, branch Manager of Empist, Giorgos Stengos, CEO & co-founder of Cyclefi & Recytrust, Vasilia Xatzistergiou, co-founder BookingClinic.com and Konstantina Bethani, founder of Tenebra Studios. Coordinating the discussion will be Dimitris Maragkos, head of the initiative ‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’ (EKT) and Giorgos Megas, Innovation and Technology Transfer Advisor (EKT).

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The GRBossible Festival, is being organised for the third consecutive year by the Greek network skywalker.gr  and supported by the National Documentation Centre (EKT). Representatives of the ‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’ team and Enterprise Europe Network-Hellas will be on hand throughout the two-day festival to brief the public on EKT’s actions. This year’s meeting of the Greek business ecosystem will take place in an open plan space to encourage interaction and co-operation between participants and enable access to information, resources and support services for business ideas.

The aim of the festival is to explore the needs and possibilities, the opportunities and decisions relating to the birth of the business idea; the support and promotion of new business initiatives and information and the networking and physical interaction of stakeholders in the business ecosystem.

The two-day festival GRBossible_2018 is offering: entrepreneurship workshops, personal business mentoring services and discussion panels on the Greek exports, innovative entrepreneurship and its funding, entrepreneurial networking and export business. Admission to all the events is free of charge upon pre-registration on the festival webpage.

The festival not only targets young entrepreneurs but all those interested in exploring the opportunities and prospects of business, and the business ecosystem as a whole, which through its expertise supports and leverages Greek start-ups. During the festival, there will be workshops, talks, personal business mentoring & coaching, booths with personnel from start-ups and a number of other events.

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