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National Documentation Centre

The role of the National Documentation Centre in the implementation of the initiative and the achievement of the goals set is crucial, since it provides all the scientific background, the tools, the know-how and the research data required by such a critical and visionary action.
In its institutional capacity as a national infrastructure, the National Documentation Centre (EKT), at the National Hellenic Research Foundation, is responsible for the collection, organisation, availability and preservation of all Greek scientific, research and cultural output (content and data) and its  dissemination, both within the country and abroad. It provides comprehensive information about research and innovation, supports participation in national and European programmes, promotes innovative entrepreneurship and exploitation of research results, and provides statistics and indicators for research, development and innovation in Greece.
The electronic infrastructure which EKT operates and develops serves a national purpose, providing advanced electronic services in the areas of research and innovation , strengthening open access  to knowledge and ensuring users have access no matter where, no matter when.
In brief, with its experience in national actions related to specialised personnel, documentation matters, technological development, innovation, academic networks, studies and feedback, EKT has the capacity to establish guidelines for further improvement and expansion of the initiative ‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’ and through its services to implement  direct and long-term socially useful activity.