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Mission and Vision


To develop an environment in which to create favourable conditions for the promotion of available opportunities so that scientists who wish to contribute to the country's 'knowledge society' can do so.


To give all specialised Greek human resources the opportunity to contribute to the development of the country with targeted information about the opportunities and needs which exist and  networks for the better interconnectivity between business and research.

What are its aims?

The initiative is designed to promote available opportunities and actively support them with network services, so as to achieve partnerships between Greek professionals abroad and those in Greece, and to create entrepreneurial networks and research links of a developmental nature,for the benefit of the individuals themselves and  the Greek economy.

It aims to inform Greek professionals who live and work abroad about the opportunities for and the conditions of gaining access to financial resources, initiatives and institutions (eg incubators) which facilitate this co-operation.

It will be used to collect data on Greek scientists living and working abroad. Using this data on their exact number, their needs and their profiles will enable the further development of targeted policies.

'Knowledge bridges' is intended for specialised personnel who live and work abroad and who can introduce and exploit  ideas, knowledge and expertise via effective partnerships with individual scientists, private businesses, universities or research centres in Greece. These partnerships will build the 'bridges', which, in future could help in creating the right conditions for the temporary and/or permanent return of a portion of this specialised personnel to Greece, with undeniably positive results not only for the individuals themselves but also Greek society as a whole and the economy.

Encouraging the creation of entrepreneurial networks and synergies between Greeks living and working abroad is the key objective of the initiative. Extensive interaction and networking, both business and scientific, between Greeks abroad and those within Greece is seen as a crucial tool in finding a way out of the crisis, while contributing to long term productive restructuring of the country. It is of particular usefulness at the current time as the 'National Development Strategy 2021' recommends a change in production models and advocates  transition to an 'economy of knowledge'. At the same time, the initiative 'Knowledge Bridges and Partnerships' aims to make use of this valuable human capital. Given that in the immediate future at least, the majority will continue to live and excel abroad, it is essential to facilitate the smooth co-operation of this personnel with Greece, from whichever country they may be in  and    provide the opportunity to eventually work in Greece and/or to return.