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Specialised Mentoring is now available through our platform! Recognising the needs of users, taking into account what they want and working with organisations greatly experienced in this particular area, we are offering two new services for mentoring. Read more about ‘Greek Women of the World’ here!

Do you want to become a mentor yourself and take part in this programme?

Get in touch with us at amegremi@ekt.gr ( or telephone: 210 7273968), send in your request and we will contact you with further details!

Mentoring services in education

The Tipping Point

The ‘Tipping Point’ has entered the lives of thousands of school children at Greek state schools. The valuable service ‘Tipping Point’ mainly targets teachers and students in secondary education, bringing them closer to scientists and professionals who can respond to queries such as the reality of studying, the potential of lifelong learning and the opportunities of modern working life. Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’ wants to ‘build bridges’ between participants of the initiative who would like to take part in counselling, Greeks abroad with vision and drive and the ‘Tipping Point’ network! Contact the ‘Tipping Point’ to get to know our mentors if you are a teacher or school principal and know that your students are looking for guidance on decisions about their future!


Specialised mentoring services for women (one-on-one)

Greek Women of the World (GWOW)

The ‘Women on Top’ and ‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’ present ‘Greek Women of the World’! Through ‘Greek Women of the World’, modelled along the lines of ‘Women on Top’ (which provides specialised counselling from women to women, one-on-one for three to twelve months), Greek women living and active abroad and participating in the ‘Bridges’ network, offer their services as mentors to women who live in Greece and would like to improve their professional and social life or change careers to seize opportunities and develop their unrealised potential and much more. With enthusiasm and determination, the women participating in the ‘Greek Women of the World’, are willing to share their experience with the many Greek women throughout Greece who choose to build bridges for advancement and opportunities! Get to know our mentors and contact GWOW!