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Funding Programmes

Although it is frequently claimed that funding opportunities in Greece are limited, there are a significant number of programmes supporting the development of entrepreneurship, innovation and research. This platform will contribute towards the promotion of these opportunities in order to make the most use of them.

The programmes are a combination of  competitive European Union Programmes, financed by the European Union to carry out its policy of co-funding programmes in Greece, as well as national programmes, financed by the Public Investments Programme.

The Competitive Programmes of the EU are usually of an international nature, which means the submission and realisation of proposals from more than one Member State. Proposals are submitted for approval either directly to the European Commission, without the intervention of institutions of the member states, or as National  Agencies / Services for decentralized actions.  Proposals which are submitted to Brussels compete with those from all other EU member states and are selected after comparative assessment, while the proposals submitted by national agencies compete with proposals from Greece and are also officially selected after comparative assessment. For the majority of these programmes, there are national Contact Points, which inform interested parties about the programme details.

Co-funded programmes receive financing from EU multi-annual budgetary allocations and  national sources ( national budget). Responsibility for the management of the jointly selected sectors to be funded lies with Greece, while the EU exercise ultimate control. As a rule, depending on the programme, proposals are submitted to the competent public authorities or the  general government  of Greece.