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Our Activities

Young entrepreneurs and business executives presented their experiences relating to EKT support as co-ordinator for Enterprise Europe Network-Hellas and the ‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’ initiative in an open dialogue with the public.
Experienced researchers from different scientific disciplines presented research prospects and opportunities, emphasizing on the benefit of networking for researchers worldwide.
Networking, counselling and alternative career paths were on foucs of the ‘Career Talks’ event held by Knowledge and Partnership Bridges and ‘HORIZON 2020 ERA-Mobilcar’.
Experienced researchers will present career prospects and opportunities in research with the aim of inspiring the audience of mainly young researchers at the beginning of their careers.
With the motto ‘Build your own Bridges worldwide’, the prizes will serve as a networking mechanism for the collaboration and promotion of highly skilled personnel worldwide.
Young entrepreneurs and executives will present their experiences with and of the initiative ‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’ and the network Enterprise Europe Network-Hellas, in an open dialogue with the public.
The goal of the forum is to bring together Greek research groups working in various fields of the Life Sciences, both in Greece and abroad, contributing to their interaction and potential co-operation.
Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’, having invested in networking Greeks who are professionally active in different parts of the world, managed to create a robust network of professionals who have the willing and the abilities to act as mentors.
Collaboration, networking and innovative entrepreneurship are the ‘keys’ to the country’s growth prospects. 4,500 Greeks from 20 towns all over Greece and 30 countries from all over the world followed the event via live streaming.