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Our Activities

Participants will have the opportunity to hear useful tips and interact experienced and accomplished researchers from Greece and abroad about developing skills for professional employment.
Twelve distinguished speakers from Greece and abroad, representing academic, research and business communities, shared their experiences and knowledge with approximately 2,000 young Greek and Cypriot scientists who attended the seminars from 22 countries.
Twelve experienced Greek speakers from Greece and abroad, representing the academic, research and business community, shared their experiences and knowledge, on issues of personal skills, work, networking and funding with more than 1,000 young scientists.
An action plan for intelligent policies to halt the brain drain and promote the digital transformation of the labour market  will be presented at the conference organised by the inter-ministerial group "ReBrain Greece".  
Update for candidates on the progress of the Bridges Awards Programme
Awards for 12 business partnerships and scientific networks.  
As part of the Bridges Awards, cash prizes will be given to 12 scientific and business partnerships with impact in Greece!
The “Knowledge and Partnership Bridges” initiative had a dynamic presence on EU’s conference concerning employment, entrepreneurship and investment for young people.
During the conference, the ‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’ initiative will be presented, and there will be a discussion with two Greeks who returned in Greece, investing in opportunities emerging in the country.